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BåfiPac AB

BåfiPac AB is a packaging company located in Lanna, in Småland. The company's vision is to offer packaging solutions with personal service. Their knowledge of packaging solutions goes back many years. From their central warehouse in Helsingborg they offer direct delivery from what may be the market's widest range of packaging products, with more than 2000 items. For rapid service, BåfiPac also has a service warehouse in Lanna where the most frequently ordered items are kept in stock.

Dahn Johansson, seller at BåfiPac, tells the story:

“The year is 2017. Thanks to our business network, we have the privilege of delivering packaging to the home electronics chain ‘Power’ (formerly ‘Expert’). Although I did not know it then, this was around the time that Zimply Solved, a partner to 1337 Logistics, was founded. Two of Zimply's founders, Roger Hallberg and Cuong Lien, are working as logistics consultants at Power during the time that BåfiPac begins its assignment for Power.

After a while we noticed that primarily, the logistics were being put to the test during our deliveries to Power. Our own logistics, which are always like clockwork, sometimes caused us to run out of time under the pressure of high-volume holiday weekends like Black Friday. Time was also short because we needed to transport packaging from the central warehouse in Helsingborg to Power’s facility in Skillingaryd in response to rapid call-off orders. In order to get to grips with the tight logistics, we called on Zimply to come up with a cost-effective proposal for how we could best solve the logistics problems. Zimply, who live and breathe logistics, were quickly able to come up with a more efficient flow.

The result? We moved Power’s product warehouse from Helsingborg to Jönköping, where Zimply is located. No matter how fast courier vehicles drive from Helsingborg to Skillingaryd, there is no beating Jönköping to Skillingaryd in 20 minutes on the E4.

We don't view this as a failure on our part. No, we have learned from it and gained wisdom from the experience. At BåfiPac we also see the opportunity to develop alongside an external logistics partner when it comes to our own customers in our area and their need for just-in-time solutions for cardboard packaging. We are passionate about our product in the same way that Zimply are enthusiastic about theirs. Combine these two sets of expertise and what you get is perfection.

And we feel that things will get even more perfect when 1337 Logistics is able to pick up where Zimply left off. Now they have their own facilities that are even more well-adapted to logistics operations – and which also have undeveloped land for further expansion. Our cooperation will continue under the auspices of the new company 1337 Logistics.

P.S. Värnamo – Skillingaryd is also a 20-minute drive on the E4.”