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Cross docking

There are a number of reasons why you may not want all of your items in stock with us, but only the goods you sell most frequently.

You may therefore choose to cross docking goods that do not sell as frequently or goods that are specially manufactured by your supplier. That is not a problem for us. What happens is that your supplier sends the goods to us and then we take care of the order. Maybe your customer has also ordered items that we do keep in stock? If so, we pick and pack all the items so that the customer receives a single order (a single shipment instead of several).

The benefits of cross docking when we plan the flow:

  • The end customer receives a single delivery when cross docking items and stock items are ordered simultaneously
  • The deliveries to the end customer always look alike (packed as we have agreed)
  • You only need to focus on sending order information to one partner (us)
  • We receive and split up deliveries to different end customers and bundle all of the end customer's goods

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