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Many different parts go into logistics.

Here at 1337 we are passionate about logistics issues, but we are aware that not everyone shares our passion. We are here to simplify the process!

How do I figure out how much my logistics will cost?

Here at 1337 we have a simple price model to make it easy for you to both anticipate and control your logistics costs. Base it on how many orders you will sell, then multiply that by the order price. It’s as easy as that! No hidden fees – everything is smooth and simple.  Read more at How much does it cost?

What is included in the price?

We offer six different warehouse services. Choose for yourself which ones you want. The services are as follows:

Inbound Delivery & Receiving, Warehousing and Picking & Packing are always included in your order price.
There is an extra charge for the other services, but you still pay a price per order.
Let’s say you have an order price of SEK 29. Then the three first services mentioned above are included in the price.
For example, if you add Processing & Repackaging, the order price changes to SEK 32 per order.

Why should I hire you to handle my logistics?

We are firmly convinced that people are best at the things they know and are passionate about. That's why we believe that if you can spend your time on the things you find enjoyable, such as sales and business development, and if we take over the parts you may not enjoy as much, your business can grow much faster than if you yourself need to expend energy on logistics.
Our passion is for logistics, with a focus on profitability and quality. Not only that, but you can take advantage of our large aggregate volumes and get smart logistics services at good prices on both inventory management and transport.

How fast do you deliver?

With us you can enter orders as late as 4:30 p.m. on weekdays and have them ship the same day!

How soon can you take over my logistics?

If you're interested in having us take over your logistics, we will hold an introductory meeting where we go over your wishes and your needs. We will also go over how you integrate with our systems so that you can send orders to us – and so that we can let you know that we have delivered them. We have standard integrations (APIs) for this.

Sound complicated? In that case we will help you interface with your system supplier. Once the integration has been established we will carry out a test. Once everything is working as it should, we will move your products into our facility and start delivering to your customers.

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