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Everything started with two best friends who wanted to create a positive change in the world. Their dream came true - and today the company Hempur offers plant-based groceries such as toilet paper and kitchen paper.
- Our vision os to make it easy for people to live a life in harmony with nature, says Jesse Da Silva, one of the founders of Hempur. 

The idea for the company arose one day when the two friends were sitting at home thinking about what they could do to contribute to a better world. 

- We say that the eco-boom increased in Sweden, and we realized that there was great potential to contribute with environmentally friendly products in the "non-food" category, says Jesse and adds:

- Everyone uses toilet paper, so what if we could offer a paper that is better for the environment? 

Said and done. 

Just over a year ago, Hempur entered the market - and it's the environmental aspect that is at the center of the company. 

- We have very high demands on our partners and we only work with organizations that also work towards a better world. We also visit the factory and partners continuously to ensure that they meet our demands, says Jesse and continues: 

- Our mission is to offer plant-based eco friendly products to preserve animals and nature for present and future generations. 

27 000 trees is being harvested every day to produce 83 million rolls, that's being flushed down the toilet every day. As a consequence of these gloomy statistics, Hempur started a new project in the beginning of 2020. If you as a customer buy one of their products with the label "Buy one, plant a tree", the company plats a tree in Africa. The goals is to plant 7 billion trees (!) - one for every human being in the world. Within this project they also employ local people in Africa countries to help support their communities, families and future generations. So far, Hempur has planted over 10 000 trees - and created 98 jobs for the local population. 

- The best thing I know about Hempur is that I have the possibility to follow my dream, while making the world a better place, states Jesse. 

"The collaboration with 1337 is brilliant!"

As Hempur grew bigger and bigger, the search for a logistics partner also started. They were looking for a partner that could help them with everything within logistics. One of 1337's previous customers highly recommended 1337 as a logistics partner - and Hempur chose to contact them. 

The collaboration between Hempur and 1337 started in the spring of 2020. 

- The reason why we chose 1337 Logistics as our logistics partner was a combination of the recommendation and that they have extensive experience in the industry. 1337 also offered a complete solution, something that was very important to us. They are extremely solution-oriented and flexible, says Jesse and adds: 

- The collaboration with 1337 is brilliant! We are constantly evolving to achieve the best possible cooperation. With that said, we are very happy that we chose 1337.