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Isofom srl is a leading Italian company founded in 1984. Its manufacturing is done in Pesaro on the east coast of Italy, consisting of a wide range of high-quality, certified products – mostly items for the packaging, construction and insulation industries. For the Nordic and Baltic markets, their focus is primarily on polyethylene foam profiles and polyethylene blocks for use, for example, as edge and corner protection to brace fragile products, and pipe insulation. They also manufacture spacers and interior fittings for fragile goods. 

Sten Fransson, Nordic and Baltics agent for IsoFom, tells the story:

“The Italian company Isofom contacted me in the spring of 2017 and asked me to help them reach out to the Nordic market with parts from their product portfolio. I saw quickly that in order to succeed in the Nordic countries, we needed to be closer to the market. It wouldn’t do to send out lorries loaded with 90 m³ of foam products, no – we needed a hub, an intermediate warehouse sited at a favourable geographical location somewhere in the Nordic region.

I got a tip from a business acquaintance to contact Zimply Solved, a partner to 1337 Logistics. I had a meeting with Zimply to discuss the terms of our requirement. This meeting led to another meeting a few months later where I and a representative from Isofom fielded questions about what we expected of Zimply, what kinds of deliveries we needed, how much product needed to be kept on hand and so on.

For example, fast deliveries were not a priority for us. What our customers (dealers and wholesalers) required instead was precise deliveries. The important thing was not whether the delivery took two days, a week or two weeks – the important thing was for the delivery to actually be made the day we had said it would come.

The 7PL collaboration between Isofom and Zimply has worked without a hitch. Full lorries leave Italy for Zimply's warehouse in Jönköping. The products are unloaded and kept in stock. When an order comes in from Isofom, it soon appears in Zimply’s system, where it is handled according to the terms we have agreed on. Zimply picks, packs, loads, clears and makes sure that the products are sent off to the recipients. Once the work is done, a delivery confirmation is sent back to Isofom.

It feels reassuring to know that Zimply is handing over the baton to 1337. Not only that, but Italy is brought even closer given that Värnamo is further south than Jönköping (which also has a geographically favourable location on the E4 and highway 27)."