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"Awesome that our classic toys are distributed with a high-tech warehouse solution." Ylva Thimour, owner of Kurragömma



The unique thing about Kurragömma is the store's main theme of dolls. The well-known Spanish doll brand LLorens is available in a large number of variants of dolls. The dolls Ruben's children, and accessories for them, are also extremely popular in Kurragömma's range. The other assortment of toys, such as cars, wooden toys, teddy bears and children's furnishings, are also carefully selected from different parts of the world. The assortment also consists of a large assortment of organic toys. The classic toys have always attracted Ylva - the toys that can be inherited for generations thanks to their high quality and their classic design.

Kurragömma invests in the best possible customer experience and Ylva emphasizes that the collaboration with 1337 Logistics strengthens the customer experience.

The combination of assortment and fast delivery

Ylva says that the two most important parameters for Kurragömma's customers are of course the combination of assortment and delivery. The logistics must go fast and that is one of many reasons why Kurragömma collaborates with 1337 Logistics. Previously, Ylva and her family had provided space at home to be able to pack deliveries to their customers. Evenings, weekends, and holidays were spent picking, packing and sending. Now, Ylva can follow the customer orders from ordering on the website until orders leaving the warehouse. She points out the feeling of freedom this gives and that she now has more time to focus on sales and customer care.

Access to several carriers

In addition to the fast delivery, Ylva also mentions that Kurragömma through 1337 Logistics has access to several shipping options and different carriers. She also emphasizes that she can now be more flexible regarding the products, as she can scale up the product assortment. This would not have been possible if she had stored the products at home.

Warehouse automation as a high-tech warehouse solution

A large part of Kurragömma's product assortment is stored in 1337 Logistics’ AutoStore facility. When ordering, a warehouse robot picks up the toys to be sent to the customer and then delivers the toys to a packing station where the order is packed and then goes to the customer.
- Awesome that our classic toys are distributed with a high-tech warehouse solution, says Ylva.

Ylva expresses her good feeling when she sees that all orders received have left in time from the warehouse to her customers.
- A fantastic feeling when it just happens, and you have not been involved in logistics. 1337 Logistics are incredibly fast.

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