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Equipped with powerful magnets, people throughout the country scour Swedish lakes and rivers, pulling out bits of scrap metal - bicycles, grenades, ammunition and batteries. Robert Nyberg is one of many that have tried magnet fishing – a decision he does not regret today.  

It started with Robert Nyberg watching videos of magnet fishing on Youtube. He thought it looked interesting and wanted to test it himself. Robert is just one of many who have tried the new outdoor hobby that each day increases in popularity. The possibility to find a hidden treasure below the water surface has fast become a popular pastime for people around the world.

- I think magnet fishing is extremely exciting and I´m not surprised that is has become very popular. Just imagine experiencing the thrill of the hunt of what you will find next. Most of the time you fish up things with no value, but sometimes you get really antique and cool items. It´s the charm of not knowing what to expect.

Robert continued fishing but after a few times he realized that it was quite difficult to get a hold of the strong magnets required for magnet fishing. That was the moment he came up with his new business idea. 

Said and done. In September 2018, Robert launched his online store Magnetfiskebutiken.

– There was a need for that kind of platform, especially here in Sweden. Instead of customers having to buy magnets from the USA or China, people can now order it from my online store.

The demand on Robert's products was extremely high and Magnetfiskebutiken got off to a really good start. The online store offers magnets with different strengths, but as a customer you can also buy ropes that can withstand the weight of the magnets as well as protective accessories.

- The company quickly became bigger than I expected. I take care of everything regarding the web shop myself, which meant that I had a lot to do. In the beginning of Magnetfiskebutiken I had to pack orders at night, after I put my daughter to bed. It worked for a while, but I also understood that it wasn´t durable in the long run. More and more orders came in when the high season for magnet fishing arrived. I made it through the summer, but I had to work during my vacation. After the summer I decided that I needed help with the logistics. I would much rather spend time with my daughter.

The search for a 3PL-partner began and soon he came into contact with 1337 Logistics.

- The first impression I got of 1337 was that they had an excellent service. That aspect was really important to me. I want to be able to give my customers the best service there is, and I needed a partner that understood the importance of that.

Robert decided that 1337 Logistics was the right partner for him and his business. Magnetfiskebutikens products are now delivered from 1337 new and automated logistics center in Värnamo.

– It was difficult to hand over the logistics to 1337. My business is like my little baby, but the collaboration with 1337 has surpassed my expectation. I am delighted with the work we have been doing together so far. Everyone at 1337 has been there for me, answering my – sometimes stupid – questions. They are also great on giving continuous feedback, something that I really appreciated. In the future I see great opportunities for us to develop together.