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"The partnership with 1337 has been absolutely fantastic!"



In March 2019, Linn Herbertsson made a vital decision. She decided to solve a problem she had long struggled with. The time of messy suitcases was over – Organista was here to organize Europe!  

Linn Herbertsson has always liked to have things in order. Structure. When she talks about it herself, she says that she has “little bit of OCD”. One problem that constantly recurred – and where there was almost impossible to avoid the chaos – was each time she would travel. How can anyone avoid a messy suitcase with only two large compartments to use for all of the packing? Is it even possibly to accomplish?

She did her best, trying to organize her suitcase with old garment bags. When that didn’t work, she started looking for big toilet bags which she could use to divide the suitcase into different sections. But nothing helped and a messy suitcase remained a stressful feature Linn’s life.

- I figured that something had to be done to change that.

That was the moment when Organista was born.

In March 2019, Linn Herbertsson launched her brand Organista and released a range of products for organizing the suitcase while traveling. The products were highly appreciated by customers in Sweden. After just three months, Organista had grown so much that Linn had neither the time, nor the space to store and pack all the products in her apartment in Stockholm.

- In the long run, it wasn´t durable for me to have half of my apartment completely covered with products. I knew that. A colleague of mine in Stockholm recommended Zimply Solved, partner to 1337 Logistics, so I reach out to them. 

In June, Linn rented a car, packed her products and drove down to Småland. That was the beginning of a successful collaboration.

Since then, 1337 Logistics has helped Organista with warehousing as well as picking and packing. 1337 has also had a consulting role with the ambition to streamline the physical flow.

– It was hard for me to hand over my products to 1337. But at the same time, I knew that it was necessary if I wanted Organista to grow as a company. Today I have the opportunity to put my undivided focus where it needs to be – on developing and marketing my products. The partnership with 1337 has been absolutely fantastic! Definitely 10 points. I can´t think of anything that has been bad – and that says a lot about the collaboration.

– In my search for a 3PL-partner I mainly had three criteria. I needed the logistic company to have good communication, affordable prices and a clear structure. 1337 has delivered in every aspect, and they have shown it again and again how talented they are. I also have to say that it has been very inspiring to be a part of 1337´s journey with their new, automated logistics center in Värnamo. In a way, it feels like we’re growing together.