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Returns Management

Packages that are not picked up, returned purchases or complaints. There are a number of reasons for returns, but you can rest assured – we have a well-developed system for returns management.

We can take unclaimed orders, i.e. orders that the customer never picked up from their delivery point, and reactivate them in stock so that they can be sold to a new customer, provided that they are in out-of-the-box condition. If they are not, we will contact you to decide on a course of action. We can of course also handle purchase on approval, complaints and other types of returns.

Research shows that customers who feel confident in the return process will both shop more and return as a customer. So we think returns management should be welcomed instead of being viewed as an obstacle. We know the consumer protection laws and regulations that apply in the Nordic countries, meaning that we can sit down with you to decide on what type of returns management best suits both your company and your customers. 

We are at your service if you are interested in other types of returns management, such as complaints or damaged goods.

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