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AutoStore warehouse system

Welcome to the future! If you have goods that do not exceed dimensions of 56x38x31 cm or 18 litres in volume, that makes them a perfect fit for the warehouse system we use, namely AutoStore warehouse robots.
In addition to the system not requiring a lot of space, the robots also use very little energy. A system made up of 10 robots uses the same amount of energy as a vacuum cleaner.
The robots charge themselves, and their regenerative energy functions send power to the battery every time they place a box in the warehouse system or reduce their speed. The robots can be operated in total darkness, meaning that the lighting can be switched off at night to save energy – and the robots will work just as well.

How does it work?

The warehouse space consists of a grid of stacks. The robot works at the top of the warehouse space – more or less the way bees work on top of a honeycomb. When the robot receives a wireless order from the control system, it moves to the top of the warehouse, lowers its gripper plate into the stack and lifts up the box. If the robot needs a box that is located on level 9, it begins by picking out the first eight boxes above box 9 and snacks them atop one another above a nearby stack. Another robot then comes and cleans up and puts the boxes back in the same order. Popular boxes – that is to say, boxes that are frequently used – are placed near the top. Less popular boxes gradually sink farther and farther down into the stack. 
The robots have no problem tracking the goods from incoming to outgoing in a manner that is both smooth and efficient. They are designed to be able to handle heavy goods turnover, making them a great fit for peak season warehouse operations, for example.

If your products are larger than 56x38x31 cm or if they exceed 18 litres in volume, they will be stored on a pallet or on shelves and will be handled manually.

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