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The Humble Co.

Everything started with a mission to give vulnerable children access to basic oral care. Today, The Humble Co. is the largest player in the world within sustainable oral care. Now they want to challenge other big companies to rethink the materials used in their products.

The Humble Co’s journey began in 2013. The company was founded by dentist Noel Abdayem when he returned home from volunteering in Jamaica. During the volunteer work, that was a part of Noel’s dental education, he discovered two things to which he reacted strongly. The first thing was that the children they helped had never had access to basic oral care, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. The second thing was that a lot of plastic toothbrushes were washed up on the beaches on the island.

Once home, Noel hit two birds with one stone. He developed the Humble Brush, the world’s best-selling bamboo toothbrush, and created a “buy one, give one”-concept. The concept meant that for every toothbrush sold, another toothbrush was donated to a child in need.

Humble Brush grew into The Humble Co., and “Buy one, give one” expanded to the Humble Smile Foundation.

- To this day, together with the Humble Smile Foundation, we have carried out projects in over 37 countries and in 52 different communities. Over 60,000 children have received our products and gained knowledge of oral care, says Patrick Verkland, Key Account Manager at The Humble Co.

Since the start, the company has had a vision to lead a revolution within the oral care industry – an industry that is extremely plastic-oriented.

- We have been on the market for seven years now and the reception has been overwhelming. We have created what can almost be described as a cult-like fan base in a traditionally unsexy and rigid industry, says Patrick.

Today, the company has grown to become the largest player in the world in sustainable oral care. Sales take place all over the world – mainly in physical stores, but sales are beginning to increase online as well.

The goal of the company is clear.

- We are well on our way to the revolution that we set as a goal when the company was founded. We have raised the bar for the entire industry and other big companies have made attempts to copy our products – to varying degrees of success. In the end, we really want to shed light on the way companies and consumers think about materials used, says Patrick and continues:

- Plastic is an incredible material in terms of production. At a low cost, you can to a lot – very easily. The problem most people see with plastic is what happens when the product has reached its “end of life”. Much of the plastic is not taken care of properly, and therefore a lot of waste is created that is damaging for the nature and environment. That we have done what we have done with bamboo as an alternative, show that it is possible to make more environmentally friendly products that do not necessarily have to be more expensive that plastic alternatives. It sends a strong message to the big companies in the industry.

“1337 are fast and responsive to our questions”

Since February 2020, The Humble Co. has had a collaboration with 1337 Logistics, as its logistics partner.

- 1337 has gone from handling all major orders within B2B, to also being able to handle all the B2C-orders from our own shop. We have contact with the warehouse on a daily basis. They are fast and responsive to our questions, says Patrick and adds:

- We chose 1337 because they offered modern solutions for both B2B and B2C. They are flexible and offers excellent customer service. We have had to update our approaches a lot as 1337’s solutions are more modern than our previous warehouse. Overall, we think the collaboration works great, and when we have things we want to implement or change, 1337 usually solves it.