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Under Your Skin

Under Your skin Sweden AB is an e-commerce company primarily focused on sustainable skincare products. What you apply to your skin ends up under it. Under Your Skin therefore pays great attention to the contents of its packaging. The firm produces skincare series that are free of harmful chemicals and carcinogens. And just as much attention is paid to the packaging; the recyclable bottles are made of sugarcane, for example. The skincare products are shipped to both consumers and B2B customer across Europe.

Christina Hahn, partner at Under Your Skin, explains:

“We usually say that we sell a revolution in a bottle. By that, we mean that we sell skin and haircare products completely free of harmful chemicals. To cut a long, yet wonderful, story short, my daughter had been suffering from a hormonal imbalance. Whilst on a retreat in India, we discovered that the symptoms disappeared with a balanced diet and by cutting out dubious chemicals - even in skincare. After some investigation into the skincare industry, we discovered that the current laws were very outdated, and we decided to start Under Your Skin as proof that it’s possible to produce sustainable, natural products, without sacrificing on quality or soul.

Our e-commerce platform has been up and running since September 2018, and we’re growing steadily. The skin and haircare series are delivered across Europe, and our cutomer base is both consumer and B2B.

We have a great collaboration with Zimply Solved and their partner, 1337 Logistics.

They provide a total solution for our logistics, and I have to say, it works really well. They receive our orders via a business system, and Zimply’s staff then handles the orders. They pick, pack and ensure the delivery of the orders as per our agreement, making sure the customer gets them in time.

We feel that 1337/Zimply, just like us, always has the customer in focus. I don’t mean that they just think about us - no, no - they even focus on our end customers. On top of that, I feel the workflow is really smooth and flexible; competence levels are high, and we benefit from an adaptability that actually allows us to grow together.”